Pricing by Building Type

Property Managed Tower - Office Unit

Commercial Cleaning pricing information specifically for the property manager of a multi-tenanted building or complex.

Stand Alone Office Building

Commercial Cleaning pricing information for a company who is the only occupant of an entire building. The facility also may or may not have a warehouse attached.

Residential Condo/Strata

Commercial Cleaning pricing information for a multi-unit residential complex that houses common areas that may or may not include recreational facilities and is managed by a property manager and controlled by a Board of Directors.

Industrial Facility

Commercial Cleaning pricing information for a building whose primary use (80% or more) is for warehousing and/or manufacturing purposes.


Commercial Cleaning pricing information if your office is a bank or other financial lending institution.

Educational Facility

Commercial Cleaning pricing information for any educational institution from daycares through to post-secondary as well as adult learning centres.

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