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Founded in 1994 by Scott and Cara Smith, ServiceMaster Clean of Edmonton has been serving the Greater Edmonton area providing commercial carpet cleaning, hard floor cleaning & restoration and upholstery cleaning services and other office specialty cleaning including windows, computer room cleaning, workstation sanitizing and more. In that time, we have seen significant growth and now rank #3 in North America in sales within the ServiceMaster Clean family.


A Family Owned Business

Speaking of family, ServiceMaster Clean of Edmonton is a family-owned business.  And, when we say family…we mean all of us.  Us, our kids and even our dog Chili.  We are a team!  We work together and play together, whether that is on the football field or the running track or serving our amazing customers, we are the embodiment of the term team.


123…There are 3 keys area of focus that have led to our success

  1. We have focused on carpet cleaning maintenance programs for our customers.  Studies have shown that regular carpet maintenance prolongs carpet life and helps to improve indoor air quality, and we are passionate advocates of this process.
  2. We believe in quality customer service.  We know how busy our customers are, so reacting quickly and dealing with cleaning issues effectively saves our customers’ time and hassle.  ServiceMaster of Edmonton asks for feedback regularly.  This allows us to be proactive to our customers' changing commercial cleaning needs.   
  3. We believe in measurement of customer satisfaction and consistent results. We can only be our best when we are accountable to our goals.

We are proud of our continued growth.  Today we have over 250 monthly clients including large property management companies.


Our mission…To be the best commercial specialty cleaning company in Edmonton. 


Our promise…To be continually proactive in our approach and provide quick reaction time to customer requests and issues.


OUR ACHIEVEMENTS (blowing our own horn for a minute)

We have been honoured with ServiceMaster Clean awards that include two President Achievement Awards, Award of Excellence, four Expert Awards and numerous Achiever Awards leading to one of the top three franchises in North America.  Most recently, we were awarded The President's Cabinet which names us as one of the Top 3 Franchises in North American for Commercial Specialty Cleaning.


Meet Our Team

Cara and Scott SmithCara and Scott SmithOwners
Cara and Scott

Cara and Scott Smith

Years of service: 25 years

Ryan, Elias and Mark .Ryan, Elias and Mark .Sales Team
Ryan, Elias and Mark

Ryan, Elias and Mark .

Sales Team

Elmer MillerElmer MillerCustomer Service

Elmer Miller

Customer Service
Years of service: 25 years

Rhyan, Mark, Ramyr and Sonny .Rhyan, Mark, Ramyr and Sonny .Phillipino Connection
Rhyan, Mark, Ramyr and Sonny

Rhyan, Mark, Ramyr and Sonny .

Phillipino Connection

Brad HudsonBrad HudsonCrew Technician

Brad Hudson

Crew Technician
Years of service: 15 Years

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Customer Testimonials


“Our carpets have never looked better! When we had an issue with some ink being spilled on a carpet, ServiceMaster was there the same day to try and rectify the damage. Although damage was extensive, the carpet was saved. Very impressive! “- Ebony with Enerflex

“Courteous and prompt service. Very easy to deal with “ – Karin with Atco I-Tek

“Rapid response to any issues. Availability of service when required. Ease of scheduling routine service. Automatic Notices for scheduled service. Follow up enquiries the day after service completed. Service Master employees have very good communication with vendors to keep them informed on progress / issues that may arise during service”-Craig with Alert Corp

“Flexible, efficient and economical service. Excellent quality of work and customer service/communication’- George with Flint Energy

“I appreciate the pre-service and follow up calls. The work is always done well but if an issue does come up, ServiceMaster is always quick to take care of the matter.” Lana with Price Waterhouse



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Canadian Contribution

Over the years, Canada has made several contributions to ServiceMaster Clean operations internationally. A program initially known as Spotlight was launched in 1973 and is the father of modern carpet care maintenance methods. It consisted primarily of the concept of spot cleaning, complemented by less frequent deeper cleaning procedures.

Additionally, Canada pioneered the sale of franchises by service line. This concept promoted greater expertise and knowledge in each service line.


  • COR Certification
  • IICRC Certified
  • CRI Certified
  • ComplyWorks
  • ContractorCheck
  • Better Business Bureau

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