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Commercial Cleaning pricing information for a company who is the only occupant of an entire building. The facility also may or may not have a warehouse attached.

At ServiceMaster, we believe clean isn’t just about what you can see. It’s about providing a safe, sanitary environment for you, your staff and your guests. We also understand that you likely have a budget. We do too! So, our customized plans also take that into consideration to deliver to you the best value we can while keeping you fiscally responsible.

For those reasons, our pricing typically begins at $120

Pricing Considerations

Your cleaning budget

What is your monthly/annual budget? We’d like to help you work within that.

Cleanable square footage

Your office may be 10,000 sq.ft. but walls, furniture, closets, etc. take up space. So, the actual cleanable area may be dramatically different. The cleanable area becomes even more important when we talk about carpet cleaning as traffic patterns become an all-important factor. If you don’t know your square footage — not to worry, we’d be happy to come in and measure it out for you!

Current level of clean

Has your office not received any TLC for an extended period? Or perhaps you are moving into a new office or had your office renovated lately? In any of those instances, we highly recommend either a pre-clean or a post-construction clean to help establish a clean benchmark that we can then maintain on a regular basis

Office employee density

We know you know this ? More people = more to clean!

The industry you’re in

Are you an accounting firm where we might need to wipe off the adding machine nightly? Or are you a construction company where dirty boots tread in daily?

Your company’s work hours

Is your office a regular 9-5 operation with the same number of people each day? Or are some days more populated than others — for example, Wednesday sales meetings when all your field staff report in? Or perhaps you are a 24/7 call center with activity always?

Employee facilities on site

Yes, we mean washrooms but not just washrooms! While we do need to know how many and how large each washroom is, we also need to know if you have a kitchen or a kitchenette. More than one? Do you have multiple break stations? Do you have a cafeteria, a lounge, an on-site gym, or even an on-site daycare? And if yes to any of the above, how large is it?

Are there any special surfaces?

Sometimes, companies have invested in a little extra something, like a marble foyer or perhaps your boardroom table is a custom, mahogany piece. Well, we’d like to help maintain those investments with a little extra TLC.

Are there any rooms that require added attention?

Do you have an executive office decked out in all the finest that requires more careful treatment? Or maybe you have a full, commercial kitchen that requires food grade cleaning products? Or a computer server room that requires specialty anti-static cleaning?

Occasional cleaning needs

These are tasks that may not be needed to be performed daily or even monthly. We call these projects and they can include things like windows, blinds, chairs and even air vents/grills.

Special requests

Last, but certainly not least, we consider any specific requests you might have. These can be as mundane as fridge and/or microwave cleaning or as odd as flag pole fixing.

Exterior Cleaning

If you are also mandated to maintain your building’s exterior, we can help with this as well! From occasional or periodic needs like window cleaning to regular maintenance like trash removal and litter pick up, we’re here to assist you in presenting your facility in the best possible way.

Loading Dock

If you have loading docks, you know how dirty that area can get with all the traffic back and forth. While we’re happy to help maintain its cleanliness, we do need some information like how many bays and what type of goods and/or packaging are being moved through the area.

Parking Area

Are you responsible for a parking area or an indoor parkade? We can also help maintain the cleanliness in these sometimes overlooked areas.

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TYPICAL CLEANING TASKS FOR A Stand Alone Office Building

  • Dusting
  • Sanitize high-touch areas
  • Empty trash
  • Furniture Polishing
  • Wipe and sanitize surfaces
  • Washroom maintenance
  • Kitchenette cleaning
  • Mop Floors
  • Hard surface floor care
  • Vacuum
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Low moisture encapsulation
  • Extraction
  • Windows
  • Furniture cleaning


Canadian Red Cross
AMJ Campbell Van Lines
Canadian Corps of Commissionaires
ADT Canada Inc.
Assante Wealth Management
Coca-Cola Canada.
St. John Ambulance
Kone Elevators & Escalators
Acklands Grainger Inc